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Wednesday, August 31st, 2005
12:07 pm
Ok, the bribery part of the LG picture challenge is officially OVER, with sistrgoldenhair and windsor tied with 8 poems apiece. Because of the tie, I'll just split the reward in two and give you two a paid account for 6 months. :)


Edit: Tell me if you guys have the accounts bc I just paid for them
Wednesday, August 24th, 2005
1:08 pm
Picture Challenge 8
This will be the last picture challenge for the summer challenge. (I'll keep posting up challenges, but they won't count for the total.) As always, pictures are from gettyimages.

This is actually a really close one. The standings now:
sistrgoldenhair = 6
windsor = 5
theblankpaper = 1
yieldsigns = 0.5
Wednesday, August 10th, 2005
9:34 am
Picture Challenge 7
All images from gettyimages.

Right now:
sistrgoldenhair= 5
windsor= 4
theblankpaper= 1
yieldsigns= 0.5
Wednesday, July 27th, 2005
8:59 am
regionalism theme, courtesy of Lindsay
I'm going to have to make you work a little more for this week's picture theme, so I'm making it a 2-week thing.

Find your OWN picture of where you live (possibly something that you took, or gettyimages if you're lazy like me) and write a poem about it. Whoo.

Score so far:
sistrgoldenhair = 5
windsor = 2
theblankpaper = 1
yieldsigns = 0.5
Thursday, July 21st, 2005
1:48 pm
Oh my, so I guess summer has caused me to suddenly revive everything associated w/LG. I think I suffer from the Hershey-bar syndrome (you know, change is bad, yadda yadda). In any case, do you guys have any challenges you want to do besides the picture one (which, btw, will continue for the rest of summer)?
Tuesday, February 24th, 2004
3:27 pm
LG Remix Challenge! Check lostgeneration for more info, but plot/beg/cajole here! ^_^
Sunday, February 22nd, 2004
12:51 am
Ok, ok. I've finally broken down and decided to do my job (go thank sympathetic_ink you guys!)

Lorelei goes to Emerald for 85
Countermelodic goes to Amy for 200
and Susan goes to Emerald for 165 poems

Monday, January 19th, 2004
9:40 pm
So. About Susan. She sometimes talks about herself in the third person, as she is doing now, but is really quite normal, being fourteen years old and going to highschool in the state of New York. She has a passion for indie music, loves the LotR movies to death, and despises asparagus and artichokes. The Strokes and Interpol own large portions of her soul, and she apparently can't get through the day without reading her flist, a habit which has only intensified. -.-

She's been writing in fandoms since sixth grade, but the results back then were absolutely cringe-worthy. Hide your eyes! In a fit of shame, she deleted all her fics and lurked about various fandoms until this previous year. Poetry = addictive. Susan <3 LG with terrifying amounts of passion, and she thinks that everyone here is brill, with the exception of herself. Ficcing is a recent thing she can't get enough of, but Susan then goes into fits of wibbling because she feels like she's recycling the same ideas over and over. Suck it up, girl.

Pretty boys make her world go around.

Susan doesn't want to admit that she's read popslash, Jossverse, EMINEM FIC, RPS of all kinds, GW fic, Everwood slash, The OC fic, and a few hundred other fandoms. Therefore, fandom = crack. :)) However, she does adore everyone she's met through LJ, because, LIEK WOAH.

When she grows up, Susan would like to go to college in NYC and visit Europe. Often. Romanticized dreams of a girl still young enough to believe in them, maybe, but that's what she wants. Failure is quite possibly her worst fear, and all the pressure in her life stems from school, basically. Obsessive, much?

Random facts: Has never wanted to be anything but a doctor or lawyer. Eats ketchup with eggs. Loves instant noodles cooked with tomato and egg, a recipe she made up a few years ago, taken from her mother's tomato soup. (Niche! She must send you a recipe.) Can only have a certain amount of candy before her throat starts to hurt. Thinks that Justin Timberlake is massively adorable. Uses the words 'really' and 'just' way too much. Has a weird asian pride/hate. Does not really want to go back to China, her place of birth. Has written too long of a bio.

9:34 pm
Countermelodic (AKA Iris, Sakura, etc.) is a Pisces with so many nicknames both offline and on that she's no longer entirely sure who she really is. She spends practically all her time at school, but pretends she can write in between homework sets and labs.

Poetry crawls its way along a snail's path of infinite length through the convolutions of her brain, and consequently none of it ever truly gets finished. And even though humanities classes have previously been the bane of her existence, and she won't step within ten feet of one unless she absolutely must, she is slowly rediscovering that she actually liked writing once upon a time. The HP fandom is partially to blame for this, since before she accidentally stumbled upon it, she hadn't realized such a thing as fanfiction even existed.

Yes, Iris is in fact this clueless. She is even more absent-minded and forgetful. She's a perpetual optimist at heart and looks for answers in plastic water bottles half-full.

Iris has a bit of an obsession with cute pencil cases with zippers (which are like her own miniature Mary Poppins carpetbags), Orangina, chocolate Pocky, mandarins, jasmine green tea, mochi, black cats, and the number 13. She listens to music in languages she doesn't know because years of classical music have taught her to focus on melodies, not words, and sometimes even English sounds foreign. She's also somewhat crazy about towers, balconies, and rooftops, which is rather ridiculous given the fact that she's afraid of heights. She also has mild arachnophobia. She loves handwritten correspondence.

Iris adores all of you in lostgeneration, and finds you all wonderfully inspiring. <3!
9:30 pm
Lorelei (sometimes called Lori for convenience's's
sake) is not her real name, but for now we can pretend
it is, because she is not overfond of the truth. Plus,
no one can pronounce her real name.

She writes drabbles and poetry mostly, because her
attention span is short and a little violent. If her
writing were compared to a car, it would be a
comfortable Japanese automobile with a lifetime
guarantee, though it would not terribly ingenious or

Obviously, she has no future intentions of being a car

However, if you happen to be looking for all of that,
she's your girl (though mind the procrastination and
bouts of silly teen angst which she indulges
in...every few hours.)

Lorelei has eclectic tastes (re: she's horribly
indecisive) and will read fiction and poetry that
belong to fandoms she hasn't even heard of--or doesn't
even like! The styles she prefers are poetic prose and
nonlinear poetry, but sucks at concrit.

Miscellaneous facts: she likes to go to movies by
herself, talks in her sleep (so she's heard; she's
still not sure if she should believe it), is addicted
to sweetarts, and has a torrid love affair with
parenthetical comments.

And, as established by her userinfo, she isn't very
good at talking about herself. Even in third person.

NOw bid!
Sunday, December 21st, 2003
1:21 pm
Challenge #umm...I forget...
Okay, so it's been a while since we had a challenge, and I figure, since I've been bugging a lot of you to do this, here it goes:

Lost Generation real people slash!
Pairings: Anyone you want. (Niche/Bing, Amalin/Emerald...bwahaha, etc. etc.)

<3 to you brilliant people.
Saturday, December 13th, 2003
9:02 pm
because I don't want to write my paper
I was thinking it would be fun to have all the screennames of the lg people. So...

Mine: amoralphreak

Now what are yours?
Saturday, December 6th, 2003
3:15 pm
After much pressure/prodding:

Idees Fixes

Please email me your bios! :)
Saturday, November 29th, 2003
8:05 pm
are the auctions going to continue?
Tuesday, November 11th, 2003
9:08 pm
Ok ok, no more delay
Moriavis goes to Straypenstrokes for:
750 poems = 750
300 request poems = 900
500 drabbles = 500
200 request drabbles = 400

total: 2550

Theo fabula goes to me for:
30 poems=30
25 requests=75

total: 105 (bargain! bargain!)

Emerald goes to Negativeentropy for:
30 regular poems = 30
70 request poems = 210
66 regular drabbles = 66
80 request drabbles = 160



Yay you guys! *reverts back to doing nothing again*
Sunday, October 26th, 2003
2:19 pm
Also, as we bid, I want to give you guys a friendly reminder. This auction was made to increase production on lostgeneration-not kill it off completely. Please remember to post, and more importantly, crit at the community. I hate lecturing, but I've noticed that real crit has been lacking for the last weeks (and I am also guilty of this), so PLEASE! Don't let LG die!

(And what happened to the slash project poems you guys? Come on! :) I know you guys have got them!)
12:15 am
i'm off my lazy butt 3 (so yes, i have a third buttock you guys)
Moriavis, known as Mori to, well, everyone, likes to write...plain and simple. Poetry, fiction, creative nonfiction, anything that will allow her to exercise her imagination. This generally makes her antisocial and shy. She is a slave to her two cats, Luna and Artemis, and will spoil them rotten given any provocation. Therefore, they walk all over her, knowing that she will do nothing but coo happily and snuggle them to death.

She falls deeply in love with particular songs and often with her muses as well, which often ends with her grabbing her credit card and buying things that she really doesn't have the money for (like all four Nightwish CDs and the Quidditch!Draco action figure.) She also has a tendency to play one song on repeat for days, and then complains when said song gets stuck in her head.

She falls madly in love with writing styles, which leads to extreme wibblance on her part, because she can never write like those she worships. Believes that if she could combine the styles of bruised_easily, amalin, ishuca, and lady_krysis, she would be a writing goddess.

When she isn't writing, which is extremely rare, she can be found watching all the good movies at the theater, or pretending that she is on stage playing Eponine in Les Miserables. Because, seriously? On My Own and A Little Fall of Rain are gorgeous. Sometimes thinks that she would like to be an actress, except she's afraid of cameras (because they steal your soul), stages (because you could fall off and that would be totally not cool--and don't even get her started on heights!), and people (because they are generally idiots).

Firmly believes that Snuggles the Bear is trying to take over the world (come on, you can't say you haven't seen the malevolent gleam in his eye every time the poor porcupine loses out on the softness. Seriously.)

Also, Mori is only being auctioned because bruised_easily threatened her It scared her and she meeped.

Let the bidding commence, I suppose.

Wahahaha. I have done my duty!
12:13 am
i'm off my lazy butt 2 (or would that be i'm off my second lazy buttock?)
Theo lives up north, in a small room with a leaking ventilator shaft and red velvet drapes. Most of her worries would be solved if she'd be just that damn bit more practical. The rest is all fantasy, dear.
But now we must pass on to a few of things that capture her interest:
- when metaphysics is a maze of ideas (Kundera, Borges)
- when the sound and the fury of the circus is able to blur the boundaries between reality and illusion
- when reading has left you a mere shrivelled husk (my, too many examples)
- history & psychology & philosophy & biology & literature, literature, literature
- everything in between

Alright, but if we leave the overblown silliness out - she's your mediocre fanfic writer, a little bit of this, a little bit of that, and would sit really nicely on your bedside table if you'd only like her to.
Also shines when you polish! Even Vaseline will do!
Please bid, won't you?
12:11 am
I'm off my lazy butt
Emerald (aka givemehistory or E-mo) doesn't know what to say about herself. She isn't used to talking in third person, but by god, if everyone else can do it, then so can she. She feels awkward and ungainly being compared to her more illustrious and creative compatriots (but she also thinks you shouldn't listen to what she says), and is the Queen of Mood Swings, at least by her calculations.

She develops strange and consuming obsessions almost on a daily basis, but cannot seem to discard them. She is also a huge music freak, and lists Interpol, Blur, the Strokes, The Postal Service/Death Cab for Cutie, and Brand New as current favorites (she would like to write Strokes RPS someday, but cannot bring herself to do it yet). Film also intrigues her to no end, and she thinks Roger Ebert has the perfect job. Perhaps her greatest fangirl claim to fame, though, is rgmsa, and she would like to take this opportunity to exercise her powers of BLATANT SELF-PROMOTION and ask everyone to join, "because there should be no end to the pretty pretty slash."

As far as writing goes, she doesn't think she's exactly memorable, but hopes at least one or two people are touched by her poetry. Her favorite authors/poets are E.L. Doctorow, D. Nurkse, Charles Bukowski, Sylvia Plath, and Michael Chabon (she once wrote a 28-page book report on this man, and stalked him in San Francisco). Her prevalent fandoms are Everwood, DPS, Queer as Folk, and history in general, and her OTPs include Bright/Ephram (fo'evah!), Neil/Todd, and Kennedycest (represent'n!), which tells a lot about her adolescent frame of mind.

She also likes to read, though recent circumstances have made it difficult to wade through her reading list. She is currently enamored with Greek tragedies, especially Electra and the Oedipus Cycle, and is trudging her way through The Sound and the Fury, which threatens to give her a brain aneurysm.

Cookies and SAD EMO FACES are her non-writing specialties, and maybe those non-vocabulary expressions you've seen floating around: Wibble! Snarf! Tackleglomp! Murfle! She think she sounds like a demented Pokemon.

If you bid on her she promises to cut out the self-pitying crap.
Thursday, October 23rd, 2003
1:47 pm
*getting off lazy butt*


Err. *stops it.*

Umm. Yeah. Please get me your bios so I can start the next round of auctions! :)
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